The Bar by Karma

The Bar by Karma 

2224 Brook Ave II Wichita Falls II Texas


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Cancellation and "No show" policy

  All cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment. Cancellations made within the 24 hour time frame are subject to last minute cancellation/no show fee. Fee is due at your next scheduled appointment and will be 50%+ of the missed appointment total.

** Due to our 15 - 20 minute appointment slot, ALL appointments over 5 minutes late will be considered a last minute cancellations/no show **  



E Y E B R O W  S E R V I C E S



Brow Therapy (Wax +Shape + Fill in) II $18 - $25

Lets give those brows the shape they deserve. We use a gentle wax to help shape your brows for the perfect frame and structure for your individual face.


Brow Rehab (Wax + Shape + Tint or Henna) $30 - $45

Our most popular service combination. 

Our signature bar brow wax + shape with a color dye to boost that bold brow look. 


 L A S H  S E R V I C E S 



Lash Lift Starting at $70

Lets curls those natural, beautiful, lashes and highlight those eyes! Results will last 6-8 weeks. Lash Tints are also available for those light lashes.

*Please arrive at lash lift appointment without makeup or contacts. 


Strip lashes + Application $25


 F A C I A L S + H A I R  R E M O V A L  


Dermaplaning Facial Starting at $60 

Safe and relaxing way to remove peach fuzz, dead + dry skin and reveal that gorgeous, natural glow. Be sure to check out the add ons to enhance your experience. 


Express facial starting at $40 

Great for a glow on the go with optional brow or extraction included. 


Underarm sugaring starting at $25


Facial waxing (not including eyebrows) starting at $18  


M A K E U P  A P P L I C A T I O N 


Makeup tutorials + application starting at $25